Friday, March 27, 2009

Floods and Homophobia

I'd like to start by bringing your attention to the terrible floods currently threatening Fargo, ND and parts of Minnesota. Picture the Iowa floods except the rivers have ice floes the size of cars on them.

Now how does this relate to the gays you might ask. It would take someone of extraordinarily poor ethics and particularly lax journalistic standards to be able to relate the two wouldn't it? Enter Rush Limbaugh. Only Limbaugh could use the tragic Red River flooding in North Dakota to make some "dike" jokes. I kid you not. What's really frustrating is that Rush is taking such obvious advantage of a national tragedy to be a partisan hack. This is the epitome of heartless unpatriotic behavior. Shame on you Mr. Limbaugh.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The New Media and the Decline of the Newspapers

Rachel Maddow has an amazing segment on the collapse of the newspaper industry. It addresses the threat of new media and the failure of the old media's online business model. The future of investigative journalism is at stake! Check it out!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

CA Supreme Court hearings on Prop. 8 This Thursday!

The wonderful Emma Ruby Sachs has an awesome article up on HuffPo summarizing how the trial will proceed on Thursday. The convoluted California constitutional law at work in this case is fascinating. Definitely check it out!

You can watch the proceedings at this Thursday! History in the making folks!

Los Angeles County Voting Guide March 3rd

Today, March 3rd, there are city, school and local measures and candidates that are up for deciding! Everyone I've talked to has no idea who 90% of the people on the ballot are. Turnout in these kind of elections is abysmal, so I thought I'd do a good deed and put out an LA County Voting Guide for today's elections! Full disclosure: I live in Alameda county. I hope some of you will vote my way by proxy =).

A -Yes
B - Yes
C - Yes
D- Yes
E - NO

Mayor - "Zuma dogg"
Attorney - Noel Weiss
Controller - Wendy Greuel
Trustee 2 - Reddock
Trustee 4 - Candaele
Trustee 6 - Pearlman
Trustee 7 - Santiago

Thanks to the Courage Campaign's excellent voter guide for information on the ballot measures.

All of the candidates (even "Zuma Dogg") were closely evaluated by me, myself and I with help from the candidate directory @ Smart Voter and the candidates' web sites.

And remember: GO OUT AND VOTE!!!!