Saturday, February 28, 2009

"Ailing GOP risks Losing a Generation" ?

The New York Times makes the argument that the GOP is quite capable of losing a generation with shifting political identification, much as Democrats lost a generation with Reagan.

Also, these classy folks are the backbone of the conservative movement in the US. Fabulous:

And because I can't resist cute tiger cub videos:

Friday, February 20, 2009

Two Paths for Recovery

Totally unrelated to LGBT rights, but nevertheless interesting: a fantastic article on the US's two options for economic stimulus from Associated Press business writer Yuri Kageyama from Tokyo and AP writer Karl Ritter from Stockholm. The two options are the Swedish historical model and the Japanese one. The beginning of the article begins by saying:

"Sweden moved quickly, nationalizing two banks and setting up an asset management company to take over bad debt. In contrast, Japan waited seven years before getting serious about bailing out its banks. The result: a "lost decade" of economic stagnation _ a fate the U.S. president says America must avoid."

Certainly a must read, especially among the growing calls to nationalize the United States' own "zombie" banks.

Check the article out at CBS News!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wanda Sykes at the White House!

Wanda Sykes, the hilarious and now out of the closet comadian is going to be personally in charge of roasting Obama at the May 9th White House Correspondents' Dinner. Why is this so exciting? Well for one thing, the Obama team is doing this knowing full well that Sykes will roast the crap out of Obama for his anti-gay marriage stance and Rick Warren controversy. To get a preview of the fabulous Sykes doing her thing, check out this Leno clip:

The Obama team can't easily make amends for Rick Warren, but this is awesome! This major televised event could have had nearly any comedian, but the Obama team deliberately reached out to the LGBTQI community on this one! Could this be a subtle show of support for the community from the Obama administration? Let's hope it's a sign of positive things to come!

For more great Wanda Sykes LGBTQI media check out Prince Gomolvilas' excellent post at "The Bilerico Project"

I'll leave you with this awesome speech from Wanda at the Las Vegas "No on 8" rally! Moving stuff:

Thanks to Prince Gomolvilas at Bamboo Nation for the media links.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"The Gays" have taken Iceland!

And Colbert has something to say about it!

It is absolutely unacceptable that the international Gay conspiracy has taken advantage of Iceland's newly acquired bankruptcy to lead an insurrection and send one of their own to the top! The new lesbian PM Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir is now the world's first openly gay head of government in the history of the world. How dare the selfish Gays take advantage of the suffering Icelanders to get one of their own democratically elected! The nerve!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Proof that gay relationships normal an argument against them?

The AP article is titled "Julie, Hillary Goodridge To Divorce, Couple Led Gay Marriage Fight In Massachusetts". The article says that:

"BOSTON — A lesbian couple who led the fight for gay marriage in Massachusetts has filed for divorce. Julie and Hillary Goodridge were among seven gay couples who filed a lawsuit that led to a court ruling making Massachusetts the first state to legalize same-sex marriages in 2004. The couple became the public face of the debate in the state and married the first day same-sex marriages became legal."

Though the reporting is fairly straightforward, its incredibly odd to see this as national news. The biggest forum it had achieved before the AP today was local LGBT newspaper. What then is the impetus for making a story out of these womens' relationship? It feels to me that the implication and tone of this article implies that the divorce of these two women is somehow indicative of the unsustainability of gay marriages. Shouldn't it show that gay marriages are normal and have the same problems that straight ones do? This certainly qualifies at the most as passive conservative bias, both in story tone and the fact that the AP decided to make it a national news story in the first place, but the AP has been known to have a noticeable conservative bias before.

Talk me down here folks!